Spring 2018 | CUNY Graduate Center | IDS 70100: Introduction to Queer Studies


Starting Simple (Ken Wang)

When I started this OER searching project, I did not think too much but simply typing OER + Queer studies( or LGBT studis, feminism, Queer theory, etc) I was not being lazy. Instead, I believe the spirit of OER, which should not only be free to access but also easy to access. If nobody can reach the resource simply through a easily searchable/googlable/reachable database, then I don’t think it’s open enough.

So my first relevant search result was the website of GLADD with the section of LGBTQ resource list (https://www.glaad.org/resourcelist). This list is broken down into several categories, including Bisexual, Transgender Aging, Legal, etc. Most of the links are of non-profit organizations doing community services. They offer a safe space for LGBTQ people to network, reach out for help and get help. Though these are not academic resources, they do provide important access to LGBT people in need and people who want to know more about LGBT people. They also have documents or other materials, such as videos, displaying their advocacy work and how to get involved, such as infos of events. On the practical level, these are all useful resources which could be used in a course of LGBT studies.

One link on this page grab my attention, which is the link to The William Institute (https://williamsinstitute.law.ucla.edu/) . It is affiliated to the Law School of UCLA, dedicated to conducting research on sexual orientation and gender identity law and public policy. All research papers are online and available for download on the website. They conducted miscellaneous researches on LGBT.

Other resource websites I found were based on some classes I took earlier, in which the teacher didn’t provide course package but asking student to collect class materials online. Those websites include:

ERIC database  https://eric.ed.gov/

American Psychological Association http://www.apa.org/pubs/databases/psycinfo/index.aspx

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