Spring 2018 | CUNY Graduate Center | IDS 70100: Introduction to Queer Studies


More Research Ahead (Sarah Ward)

            This week I was faced with some challenges moving forward in terms of direction. For our personal website I added a tab on the main page for Events as an easy way for our class to track and advertise important talks, protests, events, etc… which is also helpful in terms of building a syllabus that is focused on free resources.

            Personally, I took to heart one of the questions raised in our last week’s discussion, ‘what type of discipline would I be working in when teaching a class on queer theory?’ For me, as I have mentioned previously, this would be through the lens of history. This is not an easy feat without the use of canon texts, or primary sources (the bread and butter of history courses). However, I have tried to branch out and find sources that would be helpful for this manner. A friend of mine suggested looking at Tyler Oakley’s web series, “Chosen Family: Stories of Queer that tackles LGBT history.” At this time this series has eight episodes, one of which is focused on the Stonewall riots which would be pivotal to any class on LGBT history.

            From here I am planning on doing more research into LGBT history courses taught at the various CUNY campuses and then figuring out my next steps. I am not necessarily sure if I intend to create a site as my final project; the prospect of writing a paper on this process seems very appealing to me. I would also be highly interested in taking a discussion from last week’s class to a more statistical level; I would like to look at the labor statistics as well as major differences between teaching an undergraduate course at a private/’elite’ institution versus a CUNY campus. Clearly there is a difference as to how a professor would need to structure their syllabus, I would just be interested in doing a comparative analysis incorporating multiple factors.

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