Spring 2018 | CUNY Graduate Center | IDS 70100: Introduction to Queer Studies


Presentation on Lisa Duggan’s “Beyond Marriage” (Francesca)

Hi everyone,

I will be presenting on Lisa Duggan’s “Beyond Marriage: Democracy, Equality, and Kinship for a New Century.” The article is available (free and accessible) through Barnard’s open access web-journal The Scholar & Feminist Online, but I uploaded a word document of the article to the class DropBox folder so people can highlight the text, or leave comments using the track changes function. If anyone has time to try that out, please let me know if it works (I think every account in the folder can edit, but let me know if there are any problems.) I thought Laurie Hurson’s WordPress presentation was really cool. I was particularly interested in the collaborative reading experience in which students can annotate and highlight directly on the text, allowing participants to jump into the discussion right away having already engaged with the text as a group online.

In preparation for the presentation, I’d like people to just think back to 2015 when national debates about same-sex marriage flashed across the evening news, and try to honestly recall your thoughts, feelings and opinions at the time. If you can think back even earlier, and if you lived in a state which legalized same-sex marriage between 2004 and 2015, please reflect on your perspective at the time. It would be cool if people could share their own definitions of marriage when we meet for class, and anything that may have shaped your perspective. Additionally, if you have time, consider reading up on homonormativity and homonationalism since they are central to understanding Duggan’s arguments.

I will post a bibliography related to this article as soon as possible for some suggested reading if anyone is interested in this topic.   

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    I added my list of additional sources to the class Drop Box. I tried highlighting and making comments but it kept asking me to tag individual people/ e-mail addresses instead of all the members who can edit and view the folder. In the future, once we are all more comfortable with WordPress, maybe using that would be better if we want to write comments on the texts as a class.

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